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Certificates sent to the College and I credited the 19 contact hours .

I am very satisfied with the tangible result of accreditation but

further with what I learned . Today I am a competent professional Thanks

to Self Learning Solutions. ,

Jorge Colon 2010

SLS tech helped me a lot to complete my contact hours for continuing education to keep up with requirements and CIAPR to renew my license on time. I was offered a deal of 19 HC was just what I needed. The classes are super interesting and varied , and style that explains everything in video helps a lot in learning the concepts faster and easier . The communication with them was excellent , my doubts and questions answered quickly and they accomodated my requests on time. Definitely I will continue using their services in the future. It is very important to have a fast internet connection to download the videos properly, many thanks SLS Tech !

Iriselli Santiago , 2010

Elementary Algebra


I took Elementary Algebra with applications and loved that class! You helped me to like math again , and for that i am grateful , 2009

JAVA for Engineers SHPE 2009 Conference

I enjoyed the seminar very much ...

THANK YOU ! excellent support for those who are new to the language so necessary today. A HUG FROM SPAIN

Introduction to CPM Method

The teacher knows the stuff ..

Hello ;

The course really is super. I've done some work on my macros for tasks that normally took me 15 min now I do it in 1 sec. Really have a Super cheveres courses that are " useful" for our careers. Other " sites" have read some things but courses are not as good as this . Really, I will continue with you as there are other courses that interest me. ,

William J. Rodriguez

College Board


Muchasss thanks ! this helped me bastantee mucas .. and learned things I did not know qe and thus learn faster ... !

great resource I recommend it to family and friends even neighbors. Ivelisse Silk


I will tell you in the review of College I was fine. Answer all questions and end on time . All this thanks to the review you very kindly by the municipality of San Juan we offered . I had many questions and concerns but as the days passed and I came and participated in the review I went tranquilisando as my doubts were clarified . Also tell him that there were many things I never got in school but thanks to the learning overview and examination could be made as were the percentages , the circumference of the circle and parallel lines . I am eternally grateful as it was an EXCELLENT TEACHER nte though is a Mechanical Engineer. I hope one day we can meet in person so that we can also thank him for everything he did . 'll Be back and I reiterate that the review was very good and helped me a lot. My respect for you , Jesus Miguel Alers Delerme
thanks for the explanation and learning , and I could solve my problem with square roots.
this has been a really great project and also has an excellent group of teachers which protrudes Mr. falu that no matter the hour rinse it and always verify our doubts. the only thing I think is that more time should have been with no one month for testing. should begin at least three months before and so he can devote more time to the rehearsals . I think this program should be extended free of charge to all serious students of much benefit to others. my mom says that only existed in his time sucks but they are not even a quarter of what is taught here that is a very good resource for students.
Thanks again for your interest falu sr and commitment to us . Jesus Calderon M. Batista - Monday, October 12, 2009 , 20:49
As I always let know my feelings and be a pleasure to say this ad volvelo is marravillosa one pribilegio that could always give my free helped me a lot and would recommend it to cualquira not laugh . Hope you can follow anything dandolo free account with me . Thank you very much portodo .
Thank you , now my daughter is taking the College Board for the second time and thanks to you feel more prepared . Thanks also to the municipality of San Juan in contact with you . Reus -Figueroa Family
should give you more discount and offer it free to everyone
explains neither think tanbien excellent work
We've been online for about a month and already feel as if we knew of a lifetime and I would like to know personally
You need person plenty reason as Ivan ( Master SLSTECH ) to get a better education.
for me it was a pleasure and a privilege to have had internet even for an excellent teacher in student life is very unfortunate that in schools and beyond lost this virtue ( teaching ) but thank God you have even the teachers like Mr. falu are what make us to be interested in school , are among the few that exist as
You really have to be grateful to this group. Not all people do what they did. For this reason I ask God to help them manter this so many perosonas which can not afford the reviewing benefit and may leave for a Delande .
Not only that Mr. Falu not given a demonstration that not all is lost and that's what matters perosonas there to give us experanzas .
only tell us what we should do to make this review reaches everyone for free . this method is excellent as well as their teachers. would be helpful for many students as I had many doubts at first and a little afraid but thanks to this project I feel well prepared and very quiet. Thank you good people there are wonderful and help us . Thank you very much .

I would say Jesus M. Calderon SPECIAL Batista - Thursday, October 15, 2009 , 17:31
Hello My name is Jesus M. Calderon Batista. Please know that this program was for me to help much. Being able to study for free is great, also to study any time is a plus. What are the most wonderful perosonas acargo of this program is doing all he voted magnificent stay . Professor Ivan Falu agradesco will be always aware of everything and clear my doubts , give grace from the bottom of miser . If I recommend you give the review some bodies this way estudiarimos more calmly and better. I hope you continue to give this free pudding review so many people and will be able to benefit in the collage bn out as many as we could not pay me the review . Thank you all and God bless you and help you continue this progarma study . Being reason I SPECIAL DIRA .


Your suggestions are wonderful pudding hopefully leave this wonderful program so that more people can benefit like us.
They are very good have been aware of all the details
It really is an incredible thing .
That is as much as possible . but thanks to this program now enough for tansiquira collage .
although I feel really prepared and their services that is important to tefunciones so you can use this wonderful study site.
I love it, and I like facina me this wonderful idea would excelenta if so.
This method is excellent and I congratulate the organizers for this type of support for the young (and not so young too lol) , one more time congratulations and thanks .
true thanks to this program of study I can say I am ready for collage.
I think it's an excellent idea, so every student will be able to go through without paying . Aka live where the review had to pay , in my case , that belong in the progtamas TRIO ( Upward Bound ) where we gave hard for the exam .
Brian Aponte
I am the mother of _____ and I watched her Review of the College Board and they are giving me looks excellent thank you very much ,
really this writing (documents ) are a success thanks .
really should be in schools teachers like you who care about their students understand
Enrealidad convenso cadavez me that this program is better. well you always attentive, thank you for taking time to help is excellent
These videos are excellent they explain in an incredible way . Teienes to give the maximum take advantage of them is that you (especially you ) teachers have done a good job with all of us , and these tests esplicaciones
My recommendation is to take advantage of all the tests and that these wonderful viedeo page are provided ....
Mr. Falu , Thank you for your supports. I appreciate your interest in solving the problems of the people , that gives me an idea of the good human being should be. Thank you.
Thanks for this product is excellent explanations if ubira seen huviera authorities had no problem.
thanks for the explanation and learning , and I could solve my problem with square roots.
No Espor na but I really like this product and have been using it a lot ...
Agradesco the team of teachers and I appreciate what they are doing for the youth of this country, thank you very much for this explanation about square roots .
segurpo I could take advantage of the videos are super- bunos
Actually these videos are a success they removed all doubts .
In turality must not always get provecha tanbien as explained here.
aber I love this product and explain very well I love the videos are a hit
Retake EIT Review


I just got the results. Pass validates ! ! Thank God !

The review helped a lot !

I liked the course a lot and that due to my work schedule is a bit tricky to have to sit at a specific time or sit down for a full day to devote to reviewing only . With the method you offer and discipline to get the time within a calendar day work understand that I was more comfortable . Previously had taken a refresher for 8 weeks , every Sunday, 8 hours each day in the Sacred Heart Umiversidad and not really motivated to provide continuity during the week.

Falu Greetings , I like the dynamics of the web and to enter my office study break moments like that from my laptop while I 'm on the road listening to the videos .. Ruben Segarra

If I have been taking advantage of the material and I appreciate the videos are accessible.

Janira Maldonado, 2011


In my opinion, I really like the videos as they go step by step through the important topics for , in addition to all the resources to test (exercise, reading , the official test book . )

The format of the review I liked

Hey ..... this struggle , I take these lessons pal and I can say q the first pass but Rajah ! ,

Adolfo Diaz J Richardson , 2010

Thank you ! I am very satisfied with the quality of their courses , the quality of your website and its friendly and efficient staff, and the gentleman who greeted me this afternoon. ,

Mr. Artemio Rivera, 2010


Microsoft Office


Explained simply terms and answered questions promptly.

Explained simply terms and answered questions promptly.

I think the instructor has extensive knowledge of the course in general on how to use the strategies through online .

Is a very knowledge person , helpful and responsible With the students.

I was always available and responsible giving feedback . He was very communicative .

The greatest strength is professor That I was always there for each one of us , eventhough we where more than 50 students. Every single day I was online in the curse answering all our questions and helping us out .

I found no faults related to the workshop, but I advise you to sleep more . All was well designed .

Sometimes , just sometimes , When explaining a procedure 've Assumes student knows the technical aspects.

What was the instructor 's greatest weakness ? .... NONE !


What did you like most about the course ?

Materials were excellent and Assigned Pertinent to the topic .

Different shortcuts on word learned , pp, and excell .

The new things I learned and communicated That I With Other teachers from different cities .

The new things I learned and communicated That I With Other teachers from different cities .


Overall , the course was excellent and I hope to continue enjoying others like it.


Re : Final Comments Marilourdes Acevedo - Friday, August 18, 2006 , 20:38


Greetings to all :

I 'm super happy to have participated in this online course . The resources were very good and the direction of Professor Falu was very effective . Never before had taken a distance course and I can say without a doubt, it was a great experience. Thank El Nuevo Día and Self Learning Solution for giving me this educational opportunity , which served me creciemiento , both professionally and personally .



Re : Final Comments Elsa Mendez - Wednesday, August 23, 2006 , 17:49


The course was excellent, thanks to the New Day And thank you for the opportunity to us as teachers to catch up on .



Re : Final Comments Ana I. Ayala Pacheco - Friday, August 25, 2006 , 23:14



Personally I am very happy with what they have learned during the course. It was a great experience to participate in an online course like this . I congratulate the New Day Educator and Self Learning Solutions for this effort to help train teachers . I thank the teachers and peers availability and willingness to always answer questions that I presented in the work . This course definitely helped me to strengthen my skills in using various office applications that were discussed . Today I feel much safer and more knowledge of technology. I know that everything I learned will be very useful in both my personal life and at work .

Lots of love ,

Ana I. Ayala Pacheco



Re : Final Comments Waleska J. - Saturday, August 26, 2006 , 18:09



I had never taken an online course Office and the experience was great. I learned a lot of things unknown word , excel and power point which I am using in school and I have taught my colleagues. As I went to access more calmly as he had never worked but I think it is a superpower tool. The preparation of the course was excellent. The problems that arose were dealt with very efficiently . doubts were quickly constestadas . The teacher was always attending and answering them.

The opportunity to share and meet other teachers of the island was a good idea.

Successes with other courses .

Waleska Rodriguez


Re : Final Comments Lizzette Otero - Sunday, August 27, 2006 , 13:57


The idea of course Office 2003 Online was a fantastic experience . I congratulate Self Learning Solutions and El Nuevo Día offer this course and I learned to use tools of the Office program did not know. I also congratulate Mr Ian Falú that was always available to answer our questions . Please let us know future courses


Lizzette Otero


Re : Final Comments ROSA RODRIGUEZ - Sunday, August 27, 2006 , 23:14



My name is Rosa Rodríguez few weeks ago and completely unaware of how to use Word , Excel , Access, Power Point and Outlook. Well I had an idea of how to use Word , but it was not until you take this course of Microsoft Office 2003, to refine and clarify doubts of how to use it properly and I learned much more than I expected . Earlier attempts to learn Excel and Access with books and CD's , but to no avail , I had to explain who help me with doubts and so I decided take off and never even finished the first units . I consider that this online course was the best thing that could've happened , you make your own schedule, the teaching method is excellent, share ideas with other students from the island and the United States , and have a teacher who always available to clarify your doubts not keep you waiting . Anyway my experience with this course was amazing, if I had to describe it I would give them 100 . Thanks for everything.



Re : Final Comments Noemi Perez - Tuesday, August 29, 2006 , 17:01


Greetings to all :

I'm super pleased with the course, I learned a lot and was unsure where excel 'm fascinated . I and all my reports in excel, my school tables , good everything. Until I'm also giving computer classes this semester.

I am very grateful , especially to Professor Ian Falú

Att .

Noemi Perez



Re : Final Comments Elaine Vega - Tuesday, August 29, 2006 , 19:33


The course can be rated as excellent . It is my first experience with an online course and I found it very comprehensive and interesting . The teacher was very helpful and we dedicated students. In terms of lessons and videos were full , effective and easy to understand. I would recommend these courses to others and would like to continue taking course . Should partner with education specialists to offer topics related to pedagogy , teaching techniques among others.

Thank you for your dedication and soon we will be sharing in another course .



Re : Final Comments Llamay Gonzalez Lopez - Tuesday, August 29, 2006 , 22:30


Greetings to all !

Thank you very much to SLS , El Nuevo Día and Prof. Ian Falu for taking the initiative . The course was excellent and helped me a lot in the doubts I had about progrmas computer . I will put into practice every day what I learned . Much success to all!




Re : Final Comments by Laura Montes - Thursday, August 31, 2006 , 12:23 PM



My overall experience was very good . I learned something new in each session. I wish that some of the laboratories were focused on educators and not accounting or sales. For example, make an electronic record .

Overall I liked the course . Knowing more educators was a privilege for me.

Thank you all !

Laura Montes Reynés

Dr. Donoso Sanchez High Schools

Juana Diaz, P. R.


Re : Final Comments Giovanna Carrion - Thursday, August 31, 2006 , 15:50


Greetings to all !

The Microsoft Office course has been an enriching experience , though in my case, it was not easy . However, I feel more secure and happy that I can make trades and work on the computer before I could do .

The computer, making an analogy , it's like when one is allowed to know a person more deeply and can appreciate his good qualities . This has been my experience with the computer, I can appreciate and recognize how many things we can do with it and how useful it can be. I was also motivated to continue practicing what I learned and study more.

Moreover, infinitely grateful to Professor Ian Falú who was very professional always ready to help in our " trouble " , also his team, to Ende New Day and fellow teachers in their hard work always took time to help directly or indirectly to other peers in learning course Microsof Office .

I consider this Microsoft Office course has been a great idea which many teachers are and will benefit and therefore result in benefits for students, schools and the system of Public Education of Puerto Rico . If the teacher continues to prepare in technology and other areas can successfully face the challenges and constant changes in our society and the world.

In relation to whether they can use my comments on your page, my answer is yes, if they wish .


Giovanna Carrión



Re : Comments finalesde Carmen Morales Nieves - Thursday, August 31, 2006 , 17:24


The experience gained in this course was very enriching as though he had taken courses such as Word , PowerPoint and Excel were in no way as explanatory this time , in fact the structure of the course was fine professional , communication between student teacher was effective . the technological resources used were part of learning ( macromedia , Flash player, etc. . ) . The group was formed so that helped in the forum if a question is to the answers helped the rest of it . The comfort of being at home and when you want to access the class and could even believe anyone else ever appeared and if the teacher does not seem to duerme.En relation to their course learning was easy and the difficult parts as access (but is a challenge, it may be that he had never used before ) . I recommend it to any professional who wants to improve their knowledge , as was offered to teachers but I think it is for everyone. In my house I gave my son tutorials . In addition to referring colleagues.

Mr. Falu and NEW DAY EDUCATOR thanks for the opportunity I hope to continue later.


Re : Final Comments by Sara Álvarez Reyes Ivette - Thursday, August 31, 2006 , 17:49


The course Selflearning Microsoft Office solutions, sponsored by The New Day, has been an innovative and high-impact experience for me . Through the experiences in the course I have had the opportunity to learn many concepts blinded Office , refine already acquired skills and be part of the new concept of online education. It is the first time I participate in this type of course and the experience has been rewarding and enriching. Being able to answer questions at any time through the discussion forums has been an advantage that is not taken into traditional courses. The demands of a highly technological society require professional today possesses a conceptual and practical basis of the computer and its applications , among other technological means . This kind of course is excellent for meeting those requirements and to meet the needs of the working professional and no little time to commute to a campus study . I appreciate the assistance of Mr. Falu and your dedication to contribute to the professional development of educators in Puerto Rico . Also, I want to highlight the contribution of the new day , ENDE project , and request that such course sponsor for the welfare of teachers in Puerto Rico . Coming soon I'll be taking other courses selflearning solutions really recommend it.

Thanks for all the support given ! !
Sara Reyes Alvarez
teacher librarian
Ponce, Puerto Rico



Re : Final Comments Gretel I. Marrero Diaz - Thursday, August 31, 2006 , 18:13


Greetings . Previously had received short training on Office , but they were in such a short time that never understood it , had not taken a course in linea.Esta once learned to manage applications with knowledge of what was haciendo.El learning system was very effective , if not understood it returned back to the video as often as needed and in the end could understand and put into practice the leccion.El Professor Ian Falu was always available to answer questions and resolve any problems that presentara.Felicito to Self Learning Solutions and the New Day offer this course and very grateful that helped me develop skills in using Office applications program to help me in my professional life as personal.Recomiendo unreservedly to anyone interested in learning to use the program Office applications course Self Learning Solutions offering .

Thank you ;

Gretel I. Marrero Diaz

M.S.W. Lic.2454

Lorenzo School Vizcarrondo

Carolina School District I


Re : End of Talia Comments Mendez Hernandez - Thursday, August 31, 2006 , 21:49


Greetings to all :
We finally finished ! In general terms I can describe this course as excellent ! The material was very good and really relevant . I thorougly enjoyed the course format , videos and forums. I hope the next opportunity arises to take more advanced courses .
I thank Professor Ian Falu for your patience, understanding and guidance during this process. I hope you continue with these courses for the benefit of professionals in this country.

Thank you very much ,
Thalia Mendez Hernandez


Re : Final Comments Ada Adorno - Monday, September 4, 2006 , 19:14


Good Nights:

I will begin by thanking God for the privilege I was granted to complete this course. It was really excellent. The information provided is very useful and valuable . The intervention and help of Prof. Pallu was crucial to the success of the course . I believe that everyone who was impacted by this course realized as I " knew nothing " compared to the textual content sweetie and we have received throughout the course .

Thanks Mr. Falu and ENDE educator.



The courses were well take fundamental and despite already knew enough of the issues that surrounded always there was one other detail and material that I learned in my memory refreshed . Of the courses you take the only issue that was totally new to me, I could say it was the introductory course in AutoCAD 2009. For a person who has never worked with the program the course provides a good foundation ..

Walber Feliciano, 2011

Decision Modeling for Engineers

In terms of the content very well. They have a level of complexity that makes them interesting, even retantes . They have enough material to learn something new .

Miguel Bauza , 2010

I learned many things . I spent a few hours and I like to know new techniques . I recommend this system. Learn how and if there is something that one does not capture very well as usual in seminars, you can go back .

Very good system. ,

Jorge Colon, 2010

I Excel For Engineers

I love this system really very educational because I learned

much while I meet the requirement of training hours . Would recommend to other engineers and other professionals. ,

Jorge Colon, 2010

The course really is super. I've done some work on my macros for tasks that normally took me 15 min now I do it in 1 sec. Really have a Super cheveres courses that are " useful" for our careers. Other " sites" have read some things but courses are not as good as this . Really, I will continue with you as there are other courses that interest me. ,

William J. Rodriguez