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General Questions


What are Self Learning Solutions (SLSTECH) accreditations?


All of our courses are previously approved by the following organizations.

  1. College of Engineers and Surveyors of Puerto Rico (CIAPR) - Lic. I-036
  2. Office of the Insurance Commissioner of Puerto Rico - Mr. I-028.
  3. Department of Health of Puerto Rico Lic. I-00235
    1. Board of Pharmacy
    2. Board of Nursing


How long do I have to take the course?

The course once purchased will not have an expiry date you can take it whenever you want. To maintain the database we inactivate customers six months after registering if you need to enroll again email us at


I need a copy of my certificate how I can get it?

The certificates will be available in your profile but if you have problems write to  and we will send you an electronic copy. We are the only company that does not charge you extra for this service.


How are your courses?

We are the only company in Puerto Rico and perhaps in the United States that offers all courses with video. In the videos the teacher will discuss the material. You will also have access to the material in electronic format (PDF). Once completed the study material you can take a short exam which you receive a certificate once the exam passes with 70%.




Why do I need a camera to take the exam?

SLSTECH worked with the Office of the Insurance Commissioner of Puerto Rico a process to provide the exam where security is considered. In this process it was determined that the camera will be used to verify the client’s identity and observe him/her while taking the exam. This process is confidential and not take photos or record to the person while taking the exam.