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4 Horas Técnicas de Contacto

4T - MONITORING AND CONTROLLING ENGINEERING PROJECT EXECUTION is available for purchase in increments of 1




Contact Hours: 4 technical hours

Language: English


 An architectural-engineering design followed by a subsequent construction project is a sequence of tasks requiring the commitment of time, labor, equipment, and materials.  This commitment of resources is managed to produce unique building infrastructure, industrial processes, and /or repairs – alterations to existing facilities. An engineering project is managed, executed, and delivered to comply with an approved:  schedule, budget, drawings, specifications, and customer requirements.  Resources in terms of money, people, equipment, and materials have to be efficiently managed to transform as-is condition into a final unique product complying with an approved schedule, budget, drawings, specifications, and customer requirements. Standards of project and construction management practice presented in this course show how to evaluate project execution to identify project: status, deviations from requirements, and their respective mitigation. During a project life cycle a consistent evaluation of project status with persistent follow up is a good project management practice to assure project delivery remains focused on compliance with the requirements.    Successful project delivery requires a collaborative mulita-disciplined team brain storm the input from architectural and engineering subject matter experts to resolve the innumerable issues discovered as project progress throughout the project life cycle.  


Instructor: Juan Gonzalez, EdD, PE, PMP


    ●  20 years experience as professor at University College of San Juan and/or Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.   I have 45 years of project management and professional engineering practice baseline for use in delivering project management online education and training I have completed my Doctor of Education (concentration Physics Curriculum) dissertation on engineering student persistence at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. I continue to use the guidelines of my dissertation to motivate students to excel in their project management learning and performance.     

    • Registered Professional Engineer in Puerto Rico #6302
    • LEEP AP 
    • Puerto Rico - Project Management Certification # CPC-135
    • Project Management Professional  # 537559 
    • Member of Project Management Institute
    • Member of the Construction Management Association of America
    • Member of US Building Green Council 
    • Fully Bilingual (Spanish & English)
    • Member of the American Society of Engineering Educators

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