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3T - Distributed Energy Generation

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3 technical contact hours

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Title: Distributed Energy Generation

Contact Hours: 3 technical hours

Language: Spanish


This course talks about Distributed Generation, its definition, characteristics, the benefits as well as the challenges to a more widespread implementation of Distributed Generation. Some of the technologies more frequently used for Distributed Generation are reviewed. These technologies may be either renewable such as solar photovoltaic and small wind energy as well as cogeneration options based on microturbines, internal combustion engines, simple cycle turbines , steam turbines and fuel cells.

The benefits of Distributed Generation including environmental benefits and how DG can be a new paradigm for developing countries to meet its growing electricity demand are clarified. Also discussed are the challenges associated with Distributed Generation, highlighting the complexities of interconnecting Distributed Generation resources with the electrical grid.  Potential safety, stability and power quality issues that may arise with the installation of Distributed Generation are discussed as part of the challenges to a broader penetration of Distributed Generation.


Ing. Víctor A. González Lizardo 

Mechanical Engineering graduate of the University of Zulia in Venezuela. Master in Mechanical Engineering from George Washington University, Washington DC. Twenty-eight years in the energy area, including twenty in the Power Authority of Puerto Rico Energy. Extensive experience as an educator at the university level, having served as professor of several subjects at the University of Zulia in Venezuela and the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. He currently serves as a consultant in the area of ​​energy.


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