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3T - Fossil Fuels - Natural Gas and their properties

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3 technical contact hours

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Title: Fossil fuels – Natural Gas and BioFuels

Contact Hours: 3 technical hours

Language: Spanish


This course is the second of two parts. In the first part we discussed fuels traditionally used by humans over many years; oil and coal. In this second part we talk about natural gas and biofuels, whose use has increased significantly in recent years due mainly to the environmental benefits thereof.

The course covers the definition, history and classification of these two fuels, and the use and impact of using and their costs. The course includes a discussion of the reasons for the transport of natural gas in gaseous form by pipeline and in liquid form (LNG) using methane tankers; and the impact on the price of natural gas in different markets around the world that receive natural gas by pipeline or in liquid form in methane tankers.

Topics covered:

  • Definition
  • History
  • Classification
  • Chemical fuels
  • Fossils
    • Solid - Coal
    • Fluids - Oil
    • Gas - Natural / Propane Gas
  • Biofuels - Biofuels
  • Use and impact of their use
  • Prices


Ing. Víctor A. González Lizardo 

Mechanical Engineering graduate of the University of Zulia in Venezuela. Master in Mechanical Engineering from George Washington University, Washington DC. Twenty-eight years in the energy area, including twenty in the Power Authority of Puerto Rico Energy. Extensive experience as an educator at the university level, having served as professor of several subjects at the University of Zulia in Venezuela and the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. He currently serves as a consultant in the area of ​​energy.


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